Riverdale Grain Farms Crops

The majority of RGF is located on Newdale Clay loam in the black soil zone.  Known for its productivity and good water retention.  Local elevation is approximately 1600 ft above sea level.

Our main crops of production are red spring wheat, peas, lentils, rye, oats and sunflowers.

Confectionery sunflowers are used in the human consumption market and can be used in specific types of animal feeds. The nutty flavour of the sunflower kernel enhances taste, texture, and appearance in numerous food applications. Sunflower kernel can be used as a topping on salads, breads, yogurt, and ice cream, or can be blended into numerous baked goods and confectionery products.

Red Spring Wheat is typically used for making different types of flour for breads. Wheat is the leading source of vegetable protein in human food, having a higher protein content than either maize (corn) or rice, the other major cereals.

Oats are used in many different types of products, such as breads to different types of cereals. Typically processed into rolled oats or oatmeal, also commonly used as feed for livestock.

Hemp, in the family of cannibas sativa, is regulated by Health Canada and has been identified as one of the top ten “superfoods” in the world.  Hemp, which has less then .3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has shown health benefits in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, weight loss, increased energy levels, reduced inflammation, and immune system.  The seeds can be dehulled to produce hemp hearts, be crushed for oil, and even make protein powders.  Its mild nutty flavour and its soft crunchy texture are a great addition to any yogurt, cereal, salad or baking.

These various types of crops that are more utilized in the human consumption market can bring a greater benefit to human health.  This can be achieved if grown with the goal of nutrient density, minimization of gylphosate exposure, and other practices that harm our natures biological processes.