Riverdale Grain Farms

“Biological farming is a ‘best of both worlds’ mix between organic and conventional farming practices, involving careful monitoring of crops and soils to ensure production is of high quality.”  – Dr. Arden Andersen

Riverdale Grain Farms is a privately held, family owned, seed and grain company, established in 1988. The Riverdale Grain Farms Ltd consists of several sectors: Family Farm, Seed/Grain production and Riverdale Grain Ltd (Drying/Shipping/Storage facility).

Our focus is to produce crops that are grown from biologically based farming practices and are therefore nutritionally superior.  We minimize the use of harsh commercial pesticides and utilize the benefits of biologically based farming.  All of our crops are glyphosate free.

We believe the propose of agriculture is to provide food to people and should therefore provide comprehensive nutrition to people.

Mission Statement: Riverdale Grain Farms strives for business success through the sustainable  production of grains and oil seeds.  The management team employs environmentally sound practices and strives toward minimum usage of agricultural chemicals through sustainable biological  production.  Our relationships are supportive and trusting to create a positive working relationship with suppliers/processors.